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The Risk Barn / Jerome, Idaho Wedding Photographer

The South Hills were covered in a blanket of snow when Levi took his island princess tubing for the first time. Jayleen stood at the top of the sledding hill watching the brave jump on their tubes and barrel toward the bottom. She was petrified!

Levi decided this was the perfect moment to declare his devotion, and so, in the middle of that icy wonderland, he proposed. I hear Jayleen was a bit overwhelmed by emotions at this point! But luckily for him, she said yes!

Their wedding was a long-awaited evening of perfection, combining joyful Hawaiian traditions with down home Idaho charm. From the big red barn in the background, to the burning torches on every table lighting a delicious island feast, this was a party for the ages! But the best part was watching Levi and Jayleen. They laugh with each other - about everything! They genuinely enjoy being together. Theirs is a union full of happiness and hope. May their joy be contagious to all they meet!

Congratulations Jay and Levi! I wish you all the best!

<3 Tacie



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