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Canyon Crest Event Center / Taylor and Tyler / Twin Falls, Idaho Wedding Photographer

Wedding days have historically been shrouded in superstition. What the weather is like or whether or not the bride wears a veil can, according to some cultures, predict the future of the couple's union.

Taylor and Tyler did their part to ensure Day 1 was a lucky start to their marriage -- from keeping it traditional by not seeing each other before the ceremony, to waiting to exchange their real rings until afterward for fear they could possible fall into the canyon (now that would be a bit of bad luck for sure!). To top it all off, the day went off without a hitch in incredibly beautiful weather!

Needless to say, I doubt these two needed any lucky omens. The love they have for each other is strong and evident in the caring way they look at each other.

Congratulations Taylor and Tyler. It was an honor to participate in your day. I wish you all the best in the years to come!



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