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Shoshone Idaho Wedding - Southern Idaho Wedding Photography

It was a modern-day fairy tale. The kind you read from your favorite book night after night since your youth. The kind that whispers to your heart, "just wait for it . . . happily ever after is real."

For Alexis and Angel, the romance began a long time ago. And, just as a good story keeps you on the edge of your seat knowing the main characters are meant to be together, witnessing their happily ever after was the sweetest, most satisfying moment of all!

It was a gorgeous summer afternoon just beyond the shade of the cherry trees where Alexis played as a child. There, surrounded by loved ones, friends and family, Alexis and Angel promised each other their love for all time.

Now they begin a new story, full of exciting new adventures. I know everyone is holding their breath with excitement to learn what will happen next.

All the best,

<3 Tacie


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