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Twin Falls LDS Temple / Stone House & Co./ Kris & Steven / Twin Falls, Idaho Wedding Photographer

It started with a phone call. He asked her to lunch but she had to work, so he brought the food to her. Jimmy Johns in the hospital cafeteria. And the rest is history!

It is no secret I adore weddings. I love the stories of how they met and the laughter when I ask how he proposed. Every couple is unique, every story important and I delight in documenting those stories.

How I hope I did more than just record Kris and Steven's wedding. I hope when they see their images, they can feel what I felt when I took them. The contagious happiness that bubbled from these two is something I don't think I have ever seen quite the same before! As silly as it may sound, they reminded me of the pure joy and sweet laughter of a child who has searched and waited and hoped for so long for the desire of their heart - and now they have found it.

It was an honor to be a part of Kris and Steven's day. They have truly given me such a precious gift to have shared a bit of their joy.

<3 Tacie


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