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Mountain View Barn / Kori & Dakota / Jerome, Idaho Wedding Photographer

The weather is fairly predictable here in Idaho. And by predictable, I mean, we know it is unpredictable! It can be sunny one minute, snowing the next, then raining, then sunny again, all in the space of a single afternoon. They say, if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes!

But every once in a while good 'ole Mother Nature throws us a curve ball and gives us a full day of all the same. And that's just what happened for Kori and Dakota's wedding this year. I thought for sure the rain would let up at some point and the sun would come out in all it's glory!

Fortunately for us, the wet weather stuck around and gave us some of the most stunning images I could have imagined! What a fun, memorable day! <3


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