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1. Get engaged!

You found your person! Now let's make some memories!

2. Find your photographers

We are so excited for us all to get to know each other better. This session will help you both be more comfortable and authentic in front on the camera on your wedding day.

3. Choose a location

We can have fun and make beautiful memories anywhere! Here are some ideas!

4. Pick a date

Engagement sessions are usually scheduled weekday evenings 1.5 hours before sunset depending on the location.

Save-the-Date images should be taken 8 months before the wedding.

Invitation and display images should be taken 3 months before the wedding.

4. Choose your outfits

First rule! Pick something you feel fabulous in! Then, ask your fiancé to complement the colors you plan to wear.

Clothing changes are ok if you are up for changing on location.

Location Ideas

Location Ideas
Our favorite place to shoot is SOMEWHERE NEW! Do you have a place that is special to the two of you? Want to go back to where the magic all began? Do you have a friend with a cabin in the hills or an uncle with exclusive access to a barn no one else will have images of? Let's go there! But, if you need a little help getting the ideas going, here are a few spots we have loved so far.

Downtown Twin
Art, architecture and atmosphere!

Centennial Park
Views, water, trees and desert vistas

Rock Creek Park
Water, trees, bridges, winding paths

Ritter Island
A lush green shaded oasis surrounded by desert views of our amazing Snake River

South Hills
Pine trees, autumn colors, views and adventure. Snow until late April!