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Victorian Garden Party/ Hali & Trae/ Eden, Idaho Wedding Photographer

I brought all my umbrellas. I was certain we would be using them as I drove from Twin Falls to Eden, watching storm clouds darken the eastern half of the sky. I told a few people it would be ok – I brought my umbrellas – and got some strange looks as no one seemed worried about the weather at all, even as drops began to fall.

But, true to fairytale form, the rain stopped, the guests gathered, rainbows appeared and the clouds parted - just as the bride walked down the isle- rays of light highlighting Hali’s already radiant glow!

Hali and Trae’s wedding was classic – splendid and perfect. Every detail was set with care for this most incredible day. Set in the expansive landscape of her childhood home, Hali was a bride full of joy! A fun and imaginative young woman who has truly met her match! In Trae, I see someone who will laugh with her, dance with her, and keep her dreaming forever.

I am so grateful I was wrong about the rain! And so grateful I could be there that day. I am in awe at the beauty of this wedding and amazed at the creativity and love that created it. I wish Hali and Trae a lifetime of fairy tales. May every road you travel have such a happy ending.


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