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Twin Falls LDS Temple/ Jocey & Louwtjie/ Twin Falls, Idaho Wedding Photographer

Their wedding day: part 1

Temple weddings are a bit different from most weddings I attend. As a photographer, I am not permitted to record the ceremony inside but, instead, get to focus on the family’s excitement and anticipation while they wait to see those front doors open and welcome the world’s happiest couple into their open arms.

Jocey and Louwtjie booked me for their fabulous backyard wedding ceremony. I found out a few days beforehand plans had changed a bit when they got approval to be sealed in the temple.

For members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having the chance to marry within the walls of the temple is one of the most important things in all the world! It was an honor to record that half of their wedding celebration as well.

It was a beautiful morning as family gathered - some from halfway around the world - on the temple grounds to support Jocey and Louwtjie in their decision to be married that day. It was incredible to witness two people from completely different backgrounds – Jocey from our little Kimberly, Idaho, and Louwtjie from a small country in southern Africa – be brought together by God and joined forever in love.


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