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Twin Falls LDS Temple/ Emma & Phil/ Twin Falls, Idaho Wedding Photographer

Occasionally I get booked for a short grounds session after a temple wedding. Often it is last-minute (only having a short time to plan a wedding is kind of a cultural thing ;) ) and occasionally I haven't met the bride or the groom before the big day. I liken it to blind dating or those mystery grab bags; you don't really know what you are getting yourself into! With a prayer in my heart I get to the front doors early, and wait to meet the family - asking strangers if they are waiting for the same people I am.

Luckily, I hit the jackpot with Emma and Phil! I didn't know beforehand how happy they would be when they walked out the front doors. I didn't know how in love they were or how easily laughter came to them, or all their family members! I didn't know what a beautiful couple they were or how photogenic they would be (seriously, so easy to work with!) I didn't know how much love and happiness would spill over to me just by being in their presence.

While I don't recommend "blind dating" your photographer on your wedding day for everybody, I'm up for the challenge every once in a while - especially if it turns out as incredible as this wedding did!


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