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The Risk Barn/ Kenzie and Colby/ Jerome, Idaho Wedding Photographer

It was 2017. Time has flown, but Kenzie and Colby's wedding is still etched in my mind. Some of the most memorable moments of my career happened that day! Like:

-Realizing the Hilton and the Hampton are not the same place and, thank goodness, the room guests at the wrong hotel didn't answer when I knocked!

- Similar to a Volkswagen or a phone booth, there is no limit to how many bridesmaids you can cram into a hotel room.

- Having a deck of cards on hand: GENIUS! I know they told you to start getting ready an hour beforehand, but you are a guy so you really only need 10 minutes.

- If a groom walks by your ground-floor window as you put on your wedding dress, we'll say that's probably good luck.

- The coolest tattoo of all time was revealed on this date 3 years ago.

- This was the first time I saw a dog successfully carry the rings down the isle.

- I've seen knots and sand and candles. This was the first painting created during the ceremony.

- It was reaffirmed: the best way to your photographer's heart is to serve BBQ.

- I learned the bridesmaid who climbs on top of the most people . . . deserves to catch the bouquet most!

- And. . . Kenzie and Colby's cake smash ranks in the top 3 of all time!

Thanks for the memories friends! It was a blast! <3

Photographer: Tacie Wright

Second Shooter: Janie Phillips


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