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The Risk Barn/ Jade & Kaleb/ Jerome, Idaho Wedding Photographer

Way out in the middle of nowhere there is a red barn on the top of a hill. There is nothing but wide open Idaho as far as the eye can see in most directions. A lone farm field lies at the bottom of the hill to the west and, at the end of a joyful day, the sun will set right over the top of it.

They call the barn The Risk, a name I assume originated from the whole idea of picking up an old barn, moving it to a new spot and starting a business inside. I find the name fitting as it is a very popular spot to get married – which may be one of the biggest risks anyone will ever take: to give away their whole heart and start a new adventure based on love.

But risks are required in this life to gain the greatest rewards. We hold our breath, cross our fingers, say a prayer and then . . . JUMP!

I have known Kaleb and Jade for a little while now and, as someone who has grown to love them, I hoped and prayed for them on their wedding day. As a photographer I am lucky to have a zoom lens to emotions not all of the guests get to see. I was with them when they were surrounded by people as well as alone - when the moments were quiet and the smiles came as easy as the tears.

I would bet on these two, quite certain the odds are in their favor! <3 Congratulations Kaleb and Jade. I am excited to see what rewards your amazing future holds!


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