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Soul Searching: the issue of invitations

This weekend I did a little thinking about my time and my priorities. I LOVE my job! But my family is supposed to come first. So where can I cut back?

As I often do, this morning I received in my inbox a gorgeous email persuading me to buy wedding invitations. Usually I view them for inspiration as I currently design completely custom wedding invitations for my clients at affordable prices. I enjoy designing immensely, but the investment (in time and design elements) is a little on the ridiculous side. So, as of today, I quit! ;)

I will share with you some of my industry knowledge instead and hopefully it will help you get exactly what you want at a reasonable price. Of course, if you still want yours to be completely custom, I can bend the rules and make you something ('cuz I'm in charge and I can do what I want!).

So, behold, the top wedding stationary companies in the industry! Amazing designs at reasonable prices.

They will all send you free samples to touch and drool over. They are gorgeous! And they have sales all the time.

I urge you to consider your stationary options carefully as they will set the tone for your wedding with a first impression before any guests lay eyes on your incredible venue and hours of meticulous decor planning.

Thanks for understanding! And enjoy shopping!

<3 Tacie


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