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Soldier Mountain Ski Area/ Cailin & Cody/ Fairfield, Idaho Wedding Photographer

It has been a few years now (how does it go so fast?) but Cailin and Cody’s wedding remains one of the most incredible I have had the privilege of attending. A cool summer breeze accompanied Irish poetry and bagpipes against a backdrop of the stunning Soldier Mountains.

The setting was definitely breathtaking, but the people were my favorite part! I loved seeing Cailin step into the sunlight, arm in arm with her father. I loved the first dance, watching the bride and groom hold on to each other as the afternoon turned the entire hillside to gold. I loved watching Cailin’s college roommates laugh with the bride and see Cody and his best man on a mission not to let a drop of the keg go to waste at the end of the night!

I have since had the pleasure of photographing Cailin and Cody’s growing family with the arrival of their sweet daughter. And so the story continues! I wish them many, many more chapters in their happy, beautiful story.


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