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Just Pure Joy

I am a photojournalist. A storyteller. I capture moments as they happen and this is my great joy. While I focus a great deal on wedding photography, weddings are only the beginning of a life together.

This week I had the privilege to take portraits for a sweet family as they celebrated the newest chapter in their story -- the addition of twins!

If I am to be completely honest, photographing newborns is the hardest think I ever do for my job and, because of this, I don't do it very often. Any yet it is so rewarding.

I was very excited to take these particular portraits because, first of all, I love their amazing family and secondly, I had never photographed twins before. Soon after arriving in their home, I realized my preconceived notion that twins will be easier to photograph than single babies (because they will naturally want to snuggle together, right?) - was wrong. Oh what a silly girl I am!

To their dear mother, I have all the respect in the world for you! What a sweet bundle of joy you have in those full arms!!


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