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Beautiful Backyard Wedding/ Jocey & Louwtjie/ Kimberly, Idaho Wedding Photographer

Their wedding day: part 2

Yesterday I shared a bit about the first half of Jocey and Louwtjie's day - spending the morning on the temple grounds celebrating with family and friends. After that, I followed everyone back to the house where I was welcomed and offered food and invited to enjoy the day, Taylor-style!

It was a seldom-experienced treat to see the behind-the-scenes: bridesmaids up on ladders and dads straightening garlands. So much work and so much love went into making this wedding such a profoundly beautiful success!

One of my favorite parts of the day was being present when Jocey got ready. This one is a girl after my own heart! Each and every thing had a special meaning, from the perfume she'd kept since she was a young girl to the hanging of her wedding dress - sewn by her grandmother - next to two smaller white dresses she had worn as a little child.

And then, of course, there was the incredible smile Louwtjie wore all day! While taking pictures he told me how much fun he was having on his wedding day. That, my friends, was the happiest married man I have ever seen!

These two are so incredible lucky to have found each other. I am so grateful I was blessed with the chance to work with them and their amazing families and I wish them all the best wherever their journey takes them!


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