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Bailey and Zac/ Dietrich, IdahoWedding Photographer

In the LDS religion, there is a hymn proclaiming "Home can be a Heaven on Earth," sung alongside the teaching that only home can come close to the sacredness of a temple.

In March, only 3 days before Bailey and Zac's wedding, all LDS temples world-wide temporarily closed their doors in response to the pandemic. Instead of the ceremony they had hoped for, plans changed, receptions downsized, and only close family gathered (with exception of one lucky photographer) at home.

What a joyful day it was! The spirit of peace that accompanied Bailey and Zac's wedding was incredible! I witnessed their love, dedication and determination to each other along with the strong support of their families. I am so grateful to have been in their home that day - one I will remember always.

<3 Tacie


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