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About Me

So I bought these credits at an advertising company and they asked me all sorts of questions about what makes me tick. I spent a ton of time writing and reflecting and rewriting, all the while assuming no one would actually read what I wrote (due, if for nothing else, to my long-winded writing style!)

So, here it is, copy and paste-ed. Just in case anyone feels like reading today!

What inspired you to start your own business?

I decided this meant, why are you a photographer?

When I was a little girl, I sat at my grandfather's feet listening to tales about how life used to be. I went to college to learn how to listen better -- and they called it journalism. One day at school I was introduced to the photographic works of W. Eugene Smith. I stood in a gallery, transported to the middle of downtown Pittsburgh 50 years ago. I felt as if this place, these people, were alive just behind the silence of the prints. And just like that, I was in love. In love with captured time and real stories. I have always sought ways to express my creativity, but photography provides me more than that. It combines everything I love: family, emotion, history, and beauty. My passion for photography comes from real life -- laughing, crying, living. And this is what I strive to create: a photograph that will make you feel something each and every time you look at it.

What do you like most about your job?

I didn't write anything about helping my kids with homework, making cookies whenever I want, or taking vacations without asking a boss for approval, but perhaps that is all implied.

I consider myself extremely blessed to serve others while doing something I love! My work provides me freedom to follow my heart as I interact with my clients and my own family. Every day I meet new people and help record a portion of their lives. In some small way, I hope to be a blessing to others as I work hard to capture their beautiful moments. It has been my privilege to photograph thousands of images – documenting real love, real emotion, real stories – for my clients since beginning this crazy adventure. When the final images are greeted with joy, and occasionally tears, I know I have succeeded in my hope, and that is my greatest reward.


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